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Hotel Insurance for the Whole House

Finding an insurance policy that covers a hotel completely means finding an insurance provider willing to cover a number of different potential liabilities. Hotels incorporate a business, a property, and a service. In doing so, a number of potential insurance risks can occur, sometimes simultaneously.

Hotels need insurance to cover injury and property loss of customers while on the property. They need business insurance to cover the contractual obligations of the operation. And they also need worker's compensation coverage to address labor issues when employees get hurt.

Good hotel insurance rates will be best achieved by working with hotel insurance brokers for a specific, custom package that takes advantage of multiple policy consolidation. Such independent agents can tap into the products of multiple companies and create a unique package of coverage that a single company agent may not be able to provide. Ideally, the insurance provider should be experienced in the need of hotel businesses specifically. This avoids wasted money and energy on mistakes and inappropriate coverage.
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